April 17, 2024

A New Research Shows XRP, DOT, and ADA are Now Favorites of Account Managers

Since March of 2022, Ether (ETH) has been losing its reputation and level of interest. Among the investors, shareholders, analysts, and other entities, it is the account managers who are drifting away from ETH at a much faster rate.

Accounts Managers are moving to XRP, DOT, and ADA

As the account managers are moving away from ETH, they have started moving to other major cryptocurrencies. The cryptocurrencies that are now trending include XRP, DOT, and ADA.

Just recently, the monthly survey for Fund Managers for digital assets was carried out by CoinShare coming up with very promising results.

The survey has shown that the majority of the fund managers are now moving their funds from ETH to XRP, DOT, and ADA. As per the account managers, these cryptocurrencies have much higher growth potential than ETH.

The Movements in Bitcoin and Ether Investments

The survey carried out by CoinShares also shows that the interest of investors has also shifted from Bitcoin. The data shows that the positions in Bitcoin have moved a bit to altcoins. This means that the investors are now preferring altcoins compared to Bitcoin.

While Bitcoin is experiencing a slight shift, things are proving to be much direr for Ether. The survey carried out in the month of March showed that 25% of the total investors had invested money into ETH through account managers.

The recent survey that has been carried out by CoinShares shows that the investments of the investors into ETH have dropped to 20%.

 Altcoins are stealing the Show

While the investments in Bitcoin and Ether continue to deter, the investments in the mentioned cryptocurrencies have risen. It goes to show that the interest of investors has now shifted to XRP, DOT, and ADA.

The data from CoinShares shows that the investors who had allocated 5% of their investments in Cardano have increased them to 12%.

The investors who had allocated 4% of their investments into XRP have increased them to 6%. Then come to the Polkadot investors who previously had their investments set to 9%. After the increased investments from the investor, the rate has grown up to 13%.

Solana (SOL) has also ended up facing a downtrend as the investors have decreased their allocations for SOL as well. In the month of March, the allocations that the Solana investors had made were around 4%. The recent survey shows that these allocations have decreased to 1%.

With the interest of the account managers constantly rising in these three cryptocurrencies, it is only a matter of time before their prices start growing higher. In near future, many investors may start putting in their investments in these cryptocurrencies, causing their prices to rise significantly.

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