April 17, 2024

Allnodes Platform Launched an Anti-Scam Help Service For Cosmos Ecosystem Users

Cosmos Ecosystem users can now enjoy additional security components with the new service its Allnodes introduced to its platform. The firm aims to prohibit defrauders from carting away staked tokens and protecting wallets from being hacked. The service would ensure a protected and extraordinary staking atmosphere for all Cosmos Ecosystem users.

The Anti-Scam service is accessible to all users who stake their tokens on the Cosmos ecosystem. Withdrawals of undelegated tokens will be stimulated through the help of the Allnodes service.

Problems that Allnodes Anti-Scam Service Intends to Solve

 The quest for the creation of the service was to checkmate the activities of hackers and protection of funds in the ecosystem. The crypto industry has witnessed many events where hackers gained entry into users’ wallets and ransacked their undelegated funds. Allnodes hopes to solve this problem with its new anti-scam service.

Users would be required to select from two Anti-Scam Help service (AHS)  alternatives before being permitted to utilize it. The first is the free Regular Service which every Cosmos ecosystem user can utilize after a successful registration. The second alternative is the Premium Service, which deducts 20% of the recovered assets. 

However, the Allnodes AHS is only supported in Kepler, Ledger, and Cosmostation wallets. Therefore, users must endeavor to create a new wallet with any of these exchanges before they are eligible to utilize the service.

Warning from Allnodes to Cosmos Ecosystem Users

Allnodes cautioned users to keep their phrases safe from intruders. The company’s blog article stated, ” We advise everyone to be watchful with their mnemonic seeds and never share them with any website or individual. Because any individual with such data will have ample entry to your wallet and can defraud some of your crypto funds immediately.”  

In addition, the company disclaimed that” Despite its promising words, the Anti-Scam assistance does not assure a thriving recovery of compromised accounts. Nevertheless, the Anti-Scam service intensifies the possibility of a victorious outcome.”

After carefully examining the service, Classy announced to the Terra Classic community the benefits of incorporating the Allnodes AHS into its blockchain. He made such a request due to the increase in scammers’ activities on the Terra station.

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