April 17, 2024

Anthony Hopkins NFTs Sold Out in 7 Minutes

A Welsh movie director, producer, and actor, Anthony Hopkins, had his first set of NFTs selling out. The collections were all sold under 10 minutes after they were listed. This came despite the decline of the NFT market and general disinterest in digital collections.

Perfect Beginning

Hopkins’ collection titled “The Eternal Collection” is a project launched in conjunction with Orange Comet. It featured up to 1000 pieces of cinematic art that were inspired by various performances in the actor’s career. Orange Comet is an NFT designing agency.

The collection had a fantastic description on OpenSea where it was listed. It was described as the conceptualization of the character archetypes that Hopkins played throughout his career. They draw potent energy from the enormous body of several works.

The various archetypes include such names as “The Lover,” The Jester,” The Rebel,” “The Giver,” The Eternal,” and “The Ruler.” All of them represent the different characters he had played in his long career.

The minted cost of each of those NFTs is worth 0.25 ETH, approximately $325. Although the floor price of each of them is about 0.68 ETH, approximately $885. 

Note that NFT holders stand a chance of winning a personalized NFT from Hopkins. They could also get an autographed art book or even a call via Zoom!

The CEO of Orange Comet, David Broome, thanked everyone who helped out with the sales. Broome announced that the first NFT sales of the Oscar Winner sold out within a few minutes.

Sell-Out Despite the Market

Hopkins has also indicated his interest in the web3 sector. He has been interested in NFTs for quite a while. He recently included an ENS domain within his Twitter profile page.

Hopkins also appeared in the Sc-Fi movie, Zero Contact, which got released on the Vuele NFT platform. 

What is more impressive about the Hopkins NFT sales is that it came in the middle of a market downturn. NFT transactions have declined sharply over the course of the last few months. The market plunged by almost 100% from its recorded all-time high in January.

NFT trading volumes were at $17 billion in January. But the numbers dropped to $466 million as of last month. That was a stunning 97% loss in the market’s value.

Nevertheless, the fall is in tandem with the general crypto market fall and global economic chaos. They are a fallout from the Ukraine war, increasing inflation, and importantly, poor policies from central banks.

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