March 23, 2023

Current State and Predictions for Major Currency Pairs in the Forex Market

The forex market is bustling this week, with a flurry of economic releases slated to shape the direction of currency pairs. However, amidst this busy schedule, the economic recovery continues to bolster the market, providing a steady and stable growth outlook.

In line with this positive sentiment, analysts expect the Federal Reserve to make a crucial decision during its Wednesday meeting – slowing down its pace of interest rate hikes to a quarter point. This move will significantly impact the forex market, making it a focal point for technical analysts and traders alike.

GBP vs. The Dollar

The British Pound vs. the United States Dollar currency pair has been experiencing some fluctuations recently, with the value of GBP against the Dollar falling to 1.2344. Despite this dip, many analysts believe that the pair might see a temporary rebound, or correction, to a higher level of 1.2415 before potentially falling further. This possibility of further decline has set a “local goal” of 1.2340 and possibly even lower, reaching 1.2262.

The Dollar vs. YEN

The USD vs. Japan currency pair has fluctuated as it moves around a consolidation range of 130.00. However, based on technical analysis and market trends, some analysts predict that the value of this currency pair may drop to 128.40 in the short term.

However, before this potential decline, there might be a brief rebound, with the value rising to 129.3. Unfortunately, this potential rise is expected to be short-lived, as the value is predicted to crash to 128.20.

While a temporary rebound may present an opportunity for short-term gains, it is essential to consider the broader picture and the potential risks. The consolidation range of 130.00 and the predicted fluctuations make this currency pair an interesting subject for more technical analysis in the weeks to come.

The Dollar vs. the Swiss Franc

The Dollar vs. the Swiss Franc currency pair is currently in flux, fluctuating around the 0.921 level. However, technical analysis suggests this pair may be gearing up for an upward trajectory. It is predicted that the value may rise to hit the 0.92 range before continuing to climb to 0.924. This potential rise has set a high bar, with the next target being an ambitious 0.928.

The Dollar Vs. Gold

The USD vs. Gold currency pair has been in the spotlight recently as the price of gold has changed. After dropping to 1917.02, the precious metal rose to 1933.21 in January, but it is now predicted to fall further to 1918.28 territories. This downward trend is expected to continue, with a potential target of 1989.21.

Analysts attribute this recent gold price trend to varying supply chain issues that precious metals have faced in the past few weeks. However, despite these challenges, the USD vs. Gold currency pair remains a popular subject among traders and investors closely monitoring its movements.


In conclusion, it is crucial to approach potential trades cautiously, as with any other investment. In addition, note that these predictions are based on technical analysis and market trends, and as with all financial markets, the forex market can be unpredictable.

However, understanding these potential moves can provide valuable insights for traders and investors, allowing them to make informed investment decisions & stay ahead of the game.

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