March 23, 2023

David Beckham Catches Metaverse Vibe And Plans To Launch NFTs

The Metaverse and NFT ecosystems are thriving, with a diverse range of enterprises establishing themselves in the field. In 2021, just a few industries joined the train, but in 2022, practically all markets have engaged actively. The sports sector is the most recent to get on board.

Beckham Partners With DigitalBits 

David Beckham, a world-renowned footballer, inspirational public personality, and businessman, has been named the new ambassador of DigitalBits. DigitalBits uploaded a video of the football star on its Twitter page playing a digital globe that looks like a football, which created a doorway to the virtual world.

According to a recent release, the England icon has been named brand ambassador of DigitalBits blockchain company. Beckham’s new job will focus on democratizing the revolutionary potential of the DigitalBits platform.

DigitalBits is the first protocol to allow branded currencies, stablecoins, and NFTs to transform assets into tokens and support the projects of different brands developed on its platform.

This protocol intends to maximize efficiency and speed by using a blockchain-based tool. Considering Beckham’s strong relationship with the company, this alliance will enable DigitalBits to collaborate with global brands such as Maserati, Tudor, Adidas, Diageo, Sands, and EA.

Also, the former footballer has been an ambassador for UNICEF for over 20 years. Along with the move, the player intends to launch several non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and blockchain-based crypto assets using the scalable DigitalBits network. The celebrity commented on his partnership with DigitalBits:

“I always look out for innovative methods to communicate with my followers worldwide. As soon as I met with the DigitalBits crew, I understood that this would be a significant chance to develop new online experiences for my followers. I’ve benefited from collaborating with the greatest teams, and I’m thrilled to continue working on my digital art collection and future breakthroughs.”

Sports Fans Congregate In Virtual World

Naomi Osaka, the Grand Slam singles winner, joined the Metaverse last week as part of an agreement with the cryptocurrency exchange FTX. Ambassadors on the FTX list include legends from a range of sports, including Tom Brady from rugby and Stephen Curry from basketball.

Along with her new job, Naomi is collaborating with the exchange firm on content creation to bolster the company’s worldwide multicultural consumer base, something FTX has been focusing on lately.

Apart from athletes, well-known sports teams have recently embraced the metaverse community. Football teams are presently spearheading the charge, with a slew of teams such as Manchester City, Barcelona, PSG, and Liverpool making the list. According to recent projections, the virtual world’s attractiveness is that web3 and the digital world would ultimately replace the present Internet.

Soccer, tennis, and basketball are just a few sports that have joined the Metaverse frenzy. It seems that all sports will eventually congregate in the virtual world.

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