April 17, 2024

HEFTY.art and Sotheby’s Partner to Auction M.F Husain Arts

Art from an Indian artist will be up for auction in a physical and digital mix for the first time.
Hefty.art and Sotheby’s are pulling their resources together to make this happen. The beneficiary
is M.F Husain who will see his “Fury” on display.

A Partnership to Push Auction Forward

Hefty.art is one of the most discerning web3 art spaces. Sotheby’s is the world’s primary
destination for luxurious auctions. This collaboration will feature physical paintings by Husain in 2000 as well as their NFT versions.

They will be part of the contemporary and modern Sotheby’s South Asian auction. Note that the auctions end on the 25th of October.

The Husain art is valued at $120,000 and it will be sold as a unit online. The option of paying in
cryptocurrencies is also available. The online event will be made to coincide with the live event
at Sotheby’s in London.

Hefty.art co-founder, Kanishq Chhabria, said is a drop factory that’s driven by curators. The
company leverages the strength of the Indian artist, M.F Husain. It also leverages the styles and specialties of other curators to create a platform that delivers good collections.

Focus on Web3

He said further that the idea that led to the establishment of Hefty.art is that content is not scarce.
Rather, quality content is what happens to be scarce. What makes Hefty.art different from other
platforms is the availability of quality content.

Hefty.art expresses a lot of agnosticism while choosing curators, he said. It is a deliberate
construct that blends the traditional art world with the digital space. Having this thought in mind,
Hefty.art cements its place as web3’s most discerning art place.

eDao which supports Hefty is its investment partner. It is responsible for building the technology
platform that’s made for collectors and artists.

The co-founder and CEO of eDao, Anand Venkateswaran, commented on the whole auction
business. He said the company is focused on providing new possibilities to creators. They would
be able to show their work on a global stage like never before.

Creators will be able to grow by this means. This first physical and digital auction with Hefty
will redefine entertainment, Venkateswaran said. Supporting Hefty’s growth eDao is focused on
enabling users to engage their favorite artists meaningfully.

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