April 17, 2024

Prime-Coin Review — Details That You Need To Know



Prime-Coin is an online broker with some of the most advanced trading tools and software for any novice or expert trader to use. Learn more about this broker in our Prime-Coin review or visit them in the link below.

Prime-Coin at first glance

Prime-Coin logoPrime-Coin is a famous name in the FX industry. The long history of successful business operations in a domain that has intense competition makes you think that this broker automatically deserves your attention. The platform provides access to a rich assortment of financial instruments and showcases multiple intriguing investment products that will attract the attention of conservative investors. In general, it is a good place to start your journey as a professional Forex trader.

Prime-Coin homepage

Prime-Coin safety

The web platform has a robust architecture and prevents cyber threats successfully. Using a variety of vendors to make the whole infrastructure resilient is a common practice for successful online businesses. Prime-Coin uses cloud servers to store encrypted data and never shares collected personal information with third parties. You can further increase the level of safety by employing measures like two-factor authentication, fingerprint scanning on your smartphone, and special hardware keys for banking.

Prime-Coin safety

Prime-Coin trading terminal

You will have a plethora of tools for efficient technical analysis. The trading terminal has many features allowing for detailed market observations and thorough analysis of price dynamics. You can easily use it without any external tools and still arrive at predictions made by industry experts. People who require advanced analytical instruments like custom-made strategies should use specialized software. TradingView is an online-only service that has a rich selection of exclusive analytical tools. MetaTrader4 is a time-tested terminal that can be expanded with add-ons and plugins.

Prime-Coin education for traders

The knowledge hub has a big FAQ section with answers to commonly asked questions about the functionality of the platform, basic investment principles, and products. Other educational materials include analytical articles, lessons, and descriptions of commonly used strategies like 3 moving averages, RSI/MACD, and more.

Prime-Coin banking options

Flexible banking is a distinct advantage of Prime-Coin. You can use a variety of payment methods to quickly add funds to your margin trading account which is useful when you approach a margin call situation. You may also stumble upon a very promising signal but have all your funds locked in leveraged positions. In such cases, speed is also a crucial factor. Here are some of the payment options that you can use: Debit and credit cards issued by internationally recognized operators (Visa, MasterCard, UnionPay) have the benefit of instant delivery. You will receive the deposited funds instantly. Bank transfers are used primarily to withdraw earnings from the platform. Use this method to stay transparent and conduct business according to regulations. Cryptocurrencies are accepted only in certain countries. Note that crypto assets may be subjected to additional fees due to volatility on exchanges.

Prime-Coin financial products

The catalog of investment propositions at Prime-Coin is quite extensive. Conservative investors who value safety above all else will find low-risk options to invest in. You can choose the riskiness of any given product and base your decisions on which risk/reward ratio you find reasonable. Day traders and scalpers will be happy to access dozens of different instruments with different levels of volatility. Assets with prices changing often and dramatically are great for spread trading and scalping. The variety of financial products allows anyone to form a balanced portfolio that will perform in line with expectations.

Prime-Coin investments

Prime-Coin customer support

You will encounter difficulties when you deal with an online service and complex technology. The support team at Prime-Coin is one of the most competent in the market. The team has dedicated technicians and many managers ready to help at any moment. You will never feel abandoned. Note that you should check the FAQ section and search for your question before reaching out to the support team.

The verdict

Among many brokers in the FX industry, this one certainly stands out thanks to its versatile lineup of investment packages, high quality of service, and well-trained employees. While choosing a broker based on a single review is not a wise decision, you can get some first-hand experience by using a demo account!

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