April 17, 2024

Moonbirds NFT Sells for a Record $800,000

Just a week after the collection’s unveiling, a Moonbird NFT has broken the sales record. Based on NFT Go report, the #7205 NFT sold for approximately 265 wETH, amounting to more than $800k. With this, the NFT has gone into history books as the biggest sale of the collection to date.

Since the collection’s launch, sales have been spiking on the regular. This week, sales even got bigger, thanks to the Moonbirds #7205. Not only is the sale the biggest in the collection, but a prominent one in the last couple of weeks. 

Moonbirds collection is created by Proof Collective – an exclusive group of a thousand collectors and creators. Rumors have it that Beeple – the famous artist with the most valuable NFT sale, is part of the team. Moonbirds constitute 10k rare pictures of owls, with benefits attached to long-term holders. 

Moonbirds Joins Other Exquisite Collections

Several NFT collections have been successfully created in the last few years by artists, from CryptoPunks and BAYC to Azuki. The Moonbirds collection has joined the list and is quite making a name for itself already in its short existence.

For instance, it is the most traded by sales volume in the last day, with sales hitting $54M. Surprisingly, this figure surpassed bigger and more popular peers like BAYC and Punks. 

As of this writing, Moonbirds is worth $266M, x2 its market capital when it was unveiled. The floor price sits at 33 ether currently, more than x10 its mining price of 2.5 ether.

Aside from the monetary benefits it offers to those with the NFT for an extended period, Moonbirds have a private membership club affiliated with the project’s creators. This is similar to what Yuga Labs did with BAYC. 

Scams Are on the Rise

The popularity of Moonbirds may be surging, but it has invited a plethora of scams on Twitter. Some hackers are taking advantage of the collection’s popularity to scam users into linking their crypto wallets via the link they send. 

These scammers, who claim to be close associates with the creators, hack verified user accounts to manipulate users into linking their wallets. The hackers then drain their wallets, after they must have connected them. 

The founder of the collection Justin Mezzell condemned the hackers, cautioning Twitter users against any malicious links sent in the name of claiming free Moonbirds NFT. The official Twitter page of the collection also spoke against the attacks, saying that Moonbirds don’t have any channel outside those on its verified website. 

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