April 17, 2024

Xetra to List XRP-Backed ETC

The ETC Group has reported that its XRP-backed exchange-traded cryptocurrency has been listed on Deutsche Börse Xetra, Europe’s premier cryptocurrency exchange market. ETCs are gaining popularity as a secure and more liquid option for investors to access fundamental cryptos. Investing in exchange-traded cryptocurrencies has several advantages over investing in digital assets directly.

Xetra Listing XRP-Backed ETC

You can now buy and sell XRP on the company’s Xetra exchange-traded products (ETPs), which institutional investors use. These ETPs include Bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies and smaller ones like Ripple, AVAX, Cosmos, and LTC that are traded on Xetra.

Bradley Duke explains why he chose XRP: Ripple is quickly starting to become a market pioneer in foreign payment solutions. Several banking firms selected Ripple to give their consumers a superior foreign transactions encounter in real-time.

Hector McNeil said we’re thrilled to be partnering with ETC Group once more to bring you a new ETC supported by Ripple. In collaboration with HANetf, the ETC Group has developed itself as a global leader in cryptocurrency investment solutions. ETCs have seen a surge in popularity, offering investors a secure and more liquid method to invest in cryptos. Ripple is a digital payment channel reliant on blockchain technology that’s getting more popular because of how quickly and reliably it works.

Although Ripple is now engaged in a lengthy legal battle with the US SEC, Brad Garlinghouse has stated that the business is experiencing historic development outside the US, as initially reported by news media. There has been a steady growth in RippleNet’s ODL service in the APAC and MENA regions, driven by the growing need in those regions for fast settlements and prompt funding. RippleNet’s activities have increased by 130% yearly in the Asia Pacific, according to reports.

SEC’s Lawsuit Will Come to an End this Year

Attorney James K. Filan, who represents Ripple in the Ripple case, has given new information about the status of the case, saying that Ripple and SEC have submitted a joint timing letter proposing to begin preliminary injunction and expertise challenge papers in August and to conclude arguments just before the Christmas holidays.

Stuart Alderoty said the company is working diligently to resolve the matter quickly. However, a conclusion is unlikely before next year. Thank you to everyone who has been monitoring the issue so far. Remember that Ripple is trying diligently to conclude the issue quickly, notwithstanding the Securities and Exchange Commission’s best efforts to prolong it.

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